Want to create a user-friendly chat application?

Learn how to build a Chat Application with Flutter and Firebase

There is no doubt that chat apps have become a hot topic in this city and have taken the world by rage in recent years. 2 billion users are accessing WhatsApp Messenger every month, and revenue in 2020 is expected to be 4.8 billion, which is safe. Say that the chat app has nowhere to go.

In addition, the current status of the chat application market should show:

Approximately 2.3 billion people are using these apps every day, where it was found that Facebook alone has 2.5 billion users globally every month, followed by Instagram with 1 billion Users.


What is code splitting, when is it good to use this technique while developing React Native apps and what are the best tools?

Read this blog to understand how you can use Code splitting while making an application in React Native.

For React Native apps, your app code separates some features of the browser app (web app); you have a proven and well thought out solution for separating functions on the web, called code Split. When you think of mobile apps, you usually have a mental model of a single executable app with all potential functions.

In fact, most mobile apps are designed in this way for a simple reason: it is difficult to separate functions and then deploy them into a fully native mobile app, especially when it comes to cross-platform solutions that involve both Times.

Why not add this…

In this article, you will learn about 6 tools you can apply to set up a robust Continuous Integration (CI) method for your PHP project. Together, these tools improve code features, overcome development time, efficiently spot bugs, and frequently make your survival easier.

You will discover how to configure a Semaphore CI Continuous Integration pipeline for a PHP Laravel app.

The game plan is to fix multiple inquiries for your code without expanding or caching servers. With a responsive feedback loop, you can identify errors early on and correct them before they develop.

1. Test code analysis

Code analysis involves searching for sources of…

Best Animation Libraries in React Native

Nowadays, animation has become a necessity in all mobile apps. Animation provides a fascinating user experience and enhances the user experience. It is an important factor in attracting customers to pay attention to apps. When using apps that provide animation, the technology is better than React Native.

In this article, let’s look at some of the more famous animation libraries that can support React Native developers to create custom actions that users can incorporate into their apps. Apps built by applying these libraries can also encourage companies to attract users and ultimately grow their company.

Small actions on the app…

Are you planning to create an eCommerce store?

Read this article to clear all the aspects about eCommerce store development and its benefits

With the fast growth of online customers, e-commerce websites or application development services are huge. Start-ups and companies (which conduct business through physical shops) are striving to get their business online. Stores not just help companies gain more clients and increase sales, but they also provide shoppers with the ability to purchase a variety of products in the warmth of their homes.

Laravel is the best alternative for developers to build feature-rich and easy-to-use e-shops. You have to think if there are so many other technologies and structures, why prefer Laravel? …

Are you looking to hire golang developer for your next project?

Read this blog to find out why startups are hiring Golang developer for their projects

Hi entrepreneurs, are you considering creating a new web application or mobile app? Great, but you have a lot of problems to solve at the beginning, don’t you? Therefore, to simplify the process and encourage you to navigate the developing process, we try to understand why your startup requires hiring Golang developers.

At the stage of developing apps for your startup, there will be a question of which programming language to choose when deciding a Web language for the startup, which requires careful consideration when making a decision. Golang is becoming the most utilized website in today’s digital world. …

Want to take your business to the next level and earn more profits?

Read this article to understand how with the help of the Vue.js Development service your business will grow.

If you have an enterprise app, you need a compelling web interface. However, to create a powerful website UI, you do need a powerful and advanced structure. In the field of web development, many types of JavaScript frameworks can be used for web development.

Among multiple structures, vue.js ranks high in the list of the most famous web developers and is considered one of the most popular frameworks by developers and companies. Vue.js is currently one of the best progressive Java frameworks.

By hiring Vue js developers, you can quickly adapt Vue js services for large-scale front-end development projects without…

Do you want to know what are the errors you are making when you hire flutter developer?

Read this article and discover all the mistakes you didn’t know you were making while hiring a Flutter developer!

There is no doubt that only one precise mobile app is insufficient in this highly competitive and advanced industry. You need to present something unique that your target group can enjoy.

Therefore, if you are a young entrepreneur looking for Flutter developers for your ambitious project, this article will help you determine what the company commits when it finds the best Flutter developers among the Flutter development companies.

Let’s observe how many mistakes you make when you hire Flutter developer.

1. Product Development Cycle

Flutter app development companies use various recruitment models, and the company chooses according to their needs and application size. …

Read this article to know the benefits and services that Bacancy technology provides for Golang development

The world is going digital when corporations are trying hard to build their significant digital presence by improving websites for mobile applications.

Here, the question arises which developing language would facilitate the prominent objective of the company?

Opting for the right programming language for a specific objective-oriented project requires a lot of thought and decision-making.

Undoubtedly, Golang is becoming one of the prime languages ​​for web development, and as per the trends, business owners are thinking about hire Golang developers for expert consultation.

In this article, I will tell you how you can make Golang development convenient by hiring golang…

Want to create feature-rich mobile apps with flutter?

Read this article and know the top 10 flutter widgets that you should use in your project

Flutter technology is one of the most well-liked frameworks for generating desktop, web, and mobile apps today. It is packed with small parts to make it more environmentally friendly. Flutter widgets are used to generate high-quality cross-platform apps because they are customizable and provide a lot of flexibility. And flexibility can be the most suitable choice for any type of mobile application.

The widget components are designed in a tree structure of widgets. The way the widgets are installed determines how the screen interface of the native app works. One of Flutter’s widgets is the settings and status of the…

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